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So while skyblock is down, survival is going ahead. Hoping to have the world painted by the end of next week. World painted? Yep, while the server will be very vanilla survival, we will be getting a custom world with about 200 custom biomes and trees. Right now the world looks like some psychedelic crazyness.

I wont be giving you guys the full terrain map, I want to leave it up to people playing to discover the details of the world on their own. BUT when the server is open you guys will have access to a skyrim-like map, showing the basic landmasses.  The server will also be whitelisted, anyone will be able to apply, so far we dont have any joining restrictions, just expect you to follow the rules, since this will be PvE any sort of griefing wont be tolerated.

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Dont update!

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We are not moving to 1.7.6 until mojang have fixed the multiple issues there are with it. If you have updated and arent sure how to revert read my post here and apply it to 1.7.5!

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Some news and pictures!

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Obviously we are on 1.7 now! Both skyblock and freebuild are on 1.7.5. We have a new world on Freebuild called ‘Titan’ you can get there through the north, east, south and west warps or at /warp titan. Anyone can build there.

I recently got myself shaders and decided to go on a picture spree! The first two are of my place and the third is Tohos’ amazing new build.










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